Until the advent of consumer digital cameras I hadn’t done much in the way of photography, film based cameras just don’t give the instant feedback a digital camera can.

Somewhere in the early 2000s we (my husband and I) began to transition from sled dog racing (yes – Australia has an enthusiastic sled dog racing community) as our primary sport to participating in car rallying. After all – you have to run after a sled, but hopefully you never have to run after your car (well – not as often anyway)!

Along the way, looking for something to do while waiting (there is a lot of waiting in car rallying – whether you are an official, competitor, service crew, or spectator), I began to take photos of cars.

Before the cars, my ventures into digital photography started with a little Nikon Coolpix 4100 (3X optical zoom, 4 megapixels), which took surprisingly good scenery shots of the Australian Alps, as well as family “happy snaps” (mainly of our dogs) and documented my husbands rally car project. Then came the Canon Powershot S5IS (12X optical zoom, 8 megapixels), great fun, good shots, very willing – but just not able to keep up with high speed rally cars.

Feeling I should have have a hobby and sensing my growing frustration with missing too many good shots as rally cars sped by, Xmas 2008 my husband bought me a “real” camera – an EOS 40D. An SLR is magic. I can now take more than a thousand shots in a day (or at a spectator point), before I would take less than that in a year. My husband has since added to my collection of camera’s an EOS M, a great little camera that is always on hand.

This site provides a way of showing a selection of some of my favourite photos (shot by both my husband and me), from both my pre and post SLR days.

What’s in a name?

Since 1993 we have had Alaskan Malamutes, starting with a girl puppy which we called Silfren. Later in 1993 Silfren was becoming increasingly lonely, and next thing you know – we had adopted her brother Storm (one of our friends described sled dogs as like potato chips – you just can’t stop at one). Malamovers is our kennel name, although it has only ever been applied to one litter of puppies, sired by our original boy Storm (Elphine Stormleader). His son, Malamovers Bladerunner, is pictured above, and sadly passed away this year just after his 14th birthday. Next in the line up is our horrible cat – the bane of all Malamutes.



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