Last Stage of Tumut Valley Rally 2014

We stopped in on one of the road closures off the main road, only catching the mid to last crews in the Tumut Valley (Bondo didn’t run this stage).  Cnr of Bondo Short cut Rd. Click the photos to go full screen.

IMG_4635 IMG_4638 IMG_4643 IMG_4650 IMG_4652 IMG_4656

IMG_4662 IMG_4664 IMG_4666 IMG_4669 IMG_4672 IMG_4674 IMG_4676 IMG_4683 IMG_4686 IMG_4687 IMG_4690 IMG_4696 IMG_4706 IMG_4709 IMG_4714 IMG_4717 IMG_4718 IMG_4720 IMG_4724 IMG_4735 IMG_4737 IMG_4740 IMG_4743 IMG_4745 IMG_4746 IMG_4753 IMG_4754 IMG_4756 IMG_4760 IMG_4763 IMG_4774 IMG_4783 IMG_4784 IMG_4786 IMG_4788 IMG_4791 IMG_4794 IMG_4796 IMG_4797

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