DSMRA Kowen Forest Ride 2017 – Day 2

The Kowen ride is an un-timed / non-competitive trail bike ride which is based on narrow, tight trails through pine forest. The terrain is hilly with some small water crossings, and there are numerous technical sections involving steep terrain or traversing boulders.

Day two dawns, after overnight rain and more to come. The tracks start out sticky – that mud that sticks to tyres and boots where your feet and bike end up weighing a tonne. Then it starts to rain lightly but steadily and the tracks become slicker and slicker and tyres start to dig in and suddenly easy tracks become bog-holes a truck would struggle through.

We (Flying Finish Productions & friend)  head out to find another place to shoot film and stills.  Guided by one of the friendly volunteers, we are taken to a spot close to camp. We wish we had found the site earlier as it is very cool – two small crossings each with steep descent and ascents and a larger crossing followed by a log hop.

The spot is 100 m or so in from the road and, for a change, easy to access (rather than the steep rocky descents of the day before).  Shortly after we arrive to rece it, so do our first customers.  There is a mad flurry of activity to string the cable cam  across the gully, grab cameras from the Van and get things moving.

Things are  happening everywhere and I don’t know where to look (and I’m in trouble with the spouse for not looking in the right direction), downed bikes, stuck bikes, riders doing courteous and helpful things and all I have my baby EOS M3!

So some stills and a little bit of shaky hand held video gets taken. Sorry for all the moments we missed.





Finally we have the big cameras in hand – and the bikes just keep coming. The video is great , showing just how difficult seemingly simple things can be! The overhead cable-cam gets shots you just cannot get with any other medium.  With drone, video and cable-cam footage from day 1 and cable-cam and video from day 2, plus a friend’s Go-Pro,  the plan is to cut the footage into a short video, coming to facebook/YouTube and DSMRA soon).

We are impressed by how many people stop to help others (including the poor guy who falls off the bridge) and the camaraderie. You can tell this is early in the day – as there is more wry laughter than cursing.

The rain sets in – while my Cannon is rain proof, the cable-cam and other gear is not, so its time to pack up and head home.  How to dry things out is the next challenge, so one of bedrooms becomes a drying room with  all of the gear on the bed and the aircon on full bore to dry it all out.

Click on the image below to make bigger. Happy for these to be used – so long as they are attributed to kellywannop.com.au.

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