DSMRA Kowen Forest Ride 2017

The Kowen ride is an un-timed / non-competitive trail bike ride which is based on narrow, tight trails through pine forest.

The terrain is hilly with some small water crossings, and there are numerous technical sections involving steep terrain or traversing boulders.

The brightly coloured bikes, gear and helmets against the deep green of the forest make for wonderfully vibrant photos.

Events like this run on the enthusiasm of volunteers and sponsors, and take months of effort and planning.


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_53T7878 _53T7881

Event getting the start right is key to a good day.

_53T7904 _53T7906 _53T7913 _53T7915 _53T8237 D53T8251 D53T8252

We (Flying Finish Productions and friend) have staked out two gullies on day one, either side of a main track and the menfolk had  set up for cable-cam in each gully the day before.

The aim, with drone footage of the start, video from a terrestrial camera, cable-cam and a friends Go-Pro footage is to do a short video for YouTube and Facebook – to show just how much fun (???) a ride can be.

The weather is perfect – clear, sunny but cool. The forest is looking great. Perfect for stills and video.

The first gully has a sizeable water crossing, that makes for amazing water effects. Click on the photos to make them bigger.

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The second gully has a much smaller creek – but it still makes for interesting photography. As usual, I’ve gone overboard – there are 100 photos in this second lot – with more I’ve not shown.

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